Welcome to The Great Chart Happy Hack website.  2016 will be our 11th ride, all of which we have been raising money for Kent Air Ambulance. Not bad for something back in 2005 that we said we would never do again!!! 

This years date for the ride is 21st August, so put it in your diary!!! 

A couple of changes from previous years!

We have decided to include carriage drivers on the ride. Their route will be different to riders, the main for drivers will be roadwork.  Carriages must have their own insurance, must have a back stepper and both backstepper and driver to wear a riding hat. 

Also, this year, we have decided to donate half of the profit from the ride to various horse health and equine charities and welfare centres. We've had a few laminitis scares this year and there's some brilliant helpline and support charities out there that need our support.